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Five advantages of the company Give you more protection

The national port linkage, the new price is clear.

MEIHO logistics global service center sets up regional logistics service centers in key cities of China.

More than 100 shipping companies, more than 10,000 freight rates, high coverage of the global destination port, the best prices.

Industry experienced operating team, allowing you to take goods safely.

Comprehensive: "one-stop" comprehensive logistics service, online goods dynamic inquiry, service all over the world.

Throughout: China's key port branches, the world's major port agents, to achieve a full range of door-to-door service from domestic to overseas.

Wholeheartedly: Enthusiastic, professional team.

Provide one-stop solution for major international logistics.

It provides services such as booking, packing, warehousing, packing, reinforcement, customs clearance, insurance, shipping, etc. to the entire supply chain in the end. This will save your time and save money.

We will set up a special service team to set up the position, and carry out the highest safety standard during the shipment to escort your goods.

Many industry qualifications, strength builds self-confidence.

MEIHO International is a large-scale logistics company in Shanghai with first-class international freight forwarders, international air cargo transport agents, warehousing logistics and other integrated logistics functions.

MEIHO has many logistics experience.

The customs of each region have good relations, can develop reasonable and effective transportation plan according to customer's demand.

Housekeeper-style service system with no worries.

Traiff service: network integrated regional system, check more preferential freight rate anytime and anywhere.

Logistics service: professional operation service teamwill provide you with follow-up business progress and grasp your cargo transportation information anytime and anywhere.

Information services: throughout the market, know the industry trends.

The Global  Hotline 0086-21-65759061

Shanghai Meiho International Logistics Co., Ltd was registered and established in 2012 with the approval of the ministry of transportation, the state administration of industry and commerce and the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation.


Arrange everything for import and export safely and quickly for you.

Relying on the modern communication and information technology and the logistics operation platform, through the complete service and standard operation, it provides high quality logistics service for the customers to expand the new market continuously.
The Global  Hotline 0086-21-65759061

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